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  • real estate projects

    Real Estate

    The Real estate projects that Mega African Capital will embark on will comprise: residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality.

  • equity investments


    We invest in listed equity across Africa on Markets typically overlooked , un-researched and out of favor to capitalize growth potential

  • unlisted equity investments

    Unlisted Equity

    Mega African Capital selects unlisted companies with strong growth and invests money in these companies to optimize high returns.

  • Welcome!


    Mega African Capital is an investment company.

    MAC chooses investments that has potential to generate high returns across Africa. These investments are mainly across three business lines: equity unlisted equity and real estate projects

    Mega raises money from high net worth investors seeking exposure to African opportunities with the potential to generate high returns. Through Mega African Capital investors are able to have access to a diversified pool which would otherwise be unreachable.

    Mega Africa Capital is currently looking to raise GH¢2 million on the stock Market.

    Our main objective is to provide long term capital growth primarily through investment in selected African Securities.