Board of Directors

The Board sets the Company‟s strategic direction and reviews its financial performance, ensuring that conditions that promote strong, sustainable financial performance are promoted. To do this, the Board directs and monitors the affairs of the Company using a framework that makes it easy to assess risks through clear procedures, enabling long-term value delivery to stakeholders.

Comprising a non-executive Chairman, three (3) non-executive Directors and one (1) executive Director, the Board of Mega African Capital Limited, through an Audit Committee, oversees that the appropriate standards of business practice are set and implemented and obligations to shareholders achieved. Each of the Directors has extensive knowledge of capital markets, finance and administration and private sector development and management.

Mr. Kofi Ampim is the Chairman of Mega African Capital Limited. He graduated from the Pace University Lubin School of Business in New York with a degree in International Business and Finance. He entered the financial industry as a commercial banker in 1970 and completed the 

Management Development Training Programme at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. Whilst at Chase, his responsibilities included commercial lending, consumer credit, financial and investment advisory services, corporate finance, leasing, trading and project financing.

Mr. Eugene Addison is a Director of Mega African Capital Limited. Eugene is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He was the Production Manager of Tema Lube Oil Company Limited until his retirement. Prior to that, he was a Plant Engineer at the same company. 

Kwesi is a Director of Mega African Capital Limited. Kwesi is the Partner in charge of investments at OAK Partners. He has responsibility for structuring and managing clients‟ investments. Since the establishment of OAK Partners, Kwesi has been instrumental in mobilising over USD 20 million of assets. He has also been instrumental in providing financing for strategically located real estate projects in Ghana.

Mr. Boateng is a Director of Mega African Capital Limited. Mr. Boateng is a Partner at OAK Partners Limited. He is responsible for the Corporate Finance and Advisory business of OAK Partners. Since joining OAK Partners, Mr. Boateng has raised funds for clients who are in the media, commerce, financial services, printing, real estate, logistics, and hospitality industries among others.

Margaret Boateng Sekyere is a Director of Mega African Capital Limited. She is currently a Partner of OAK Partners Limited. Margaret has more than twenty years of experience in private and public sector management in areas of project management, administration, financial and human resource management; and public sector reforms. Margaret was instrumental in the development of public sector reforms in Sierra Leone in the early 1990s and recently, 2004 to 2007, in Ghana.